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We have had some requests to change the format of the site to read more like a news paper or magazine. After much consideration preparation for this has begun. We have a few different site formats that we have put together and are trying to figure out which of these will be our final update. That being said we continue to encourage you to give us ideas on how to make more fun and friendly for you as a user. Please give us any input that you can as we will continue to make changes and consider your ideas while doing this as well. Thank you for your patents while we work through this.

**Give us your opinion, in order to keep the site free we have been updating our AdData. Let us know if it is too much or just right. We don’t want to loose the idea of this site, just want to be able to support to keep it open. Our goal is to wash the costs of hosting with a limited number of adds**

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What is the cost. Who makes them...USA or where. How long does off-gassing of the materials take? Thank you, Deb
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