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Want to know about NewsHustler? Well you have come to the right place. This site was created by individual Blog and Tech Form contributor CellPhish. So again something straight out of CellPhish Labs comes to you. Another take on the things that matter, but mostly they things that don’t. Over the years CellPhish has taken a stand on common media in both spicing it up and getting around the “red tape” that all media venues in the US have to abide by. CellPhish was sick of turning to news sources every day to hear only about the bad things going on and frustrated about the lack of entertainment that they bring to you.

This is not a place for small children as the content on this site is not edited. We wanted to make the freedom of press free again. Somethings on here may be considered offensive and to be honest…..they were probably put on here by the writers to be that way.

Sit back in your comfy chair, pull us up on your laptop, and enjoy your ride to the other side of the news!!

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What is the cost. Who makes them...USA or where. How long does off-gassing of the materials take? Thank you, Deb
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