A weasel by any other name……

A weasel by any other name is still a weasel.

So, once again the founder of WIKILeaks is in the headlines with his release of classified State Department documents. Julian Assange has been called “the Robin Hood of Hacking”. The thing is since Mr. Assange is so hell bent on divulging the truth about governments and countries thru out the world he is not very forth coming about his past or where he comes from. It is said that he travels with a backpack and a laptop computer changing locations and traveling under assumed names (isn’t that Illegal?). Changing email addresses frequently and even how he looks. It has been impossible for interviewers to find out what his true age is, even when asked point blank he avoids the question. That sounds more like the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. (He must live in a shack somewhere) Also, is that something you would expect from a person who seeks “transparency” from governments? On another note Mr. Assange was allegedly wanted by the Swiss Police for rape and child molestation. Fortunate for him the Swiss Police are no longer seeking him in that investigation any longer. But it does make one wonder what kind of person this so-called “Robin Hood” is pretending to be. My question to him is “Mr. Assange, what is in your closet that you don’t want us to know?” If you want our world government leaders to be transparent why aren’t you? In short just like everything else it comes down to the three R’s, Rights, Responsibility, and Respect, and Julian Assange has not shown any of these.

Mr. Assagne has on his organization’s website several ways in which you can donate to his great cause. My proposal is this, contact each of the below mentioned companies/banks/educational institutions communicating your displeasure with their support of Julian Assange’s actions in regards to leaking classified documents. These leaks endanger people’s lives. In short they all are collaborators in divulging classified material that puts people’s lives in danger. Not just the agents, soldiers, and operatives but each and every one of us.

In regards to world governments; you are naïve to think that there are not some closed door agreements, and under the table plans. Grow up and think like an adult. It happens; it is how things get done in the world that we live in.

Again, my suggestion is this if you feel as I do that Wikileaks does more harm than good, do as I am going to do. Contact each of these organizations and voice your displeasure. Here are the links to his accomplices:



Commerzbank Germany (they have locations in the USA)
University Of Melbourne
Wau Holland Foundation

If you doubt me check out the Wikileaks support page.


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One Response to “A weasel by any other name……”

  • Davros1a:

    So, below is the first response that I have gotten from my email last night.

    from Datacell.com

    We are not involved in anyone’s political view.
    We are a service provider and as such we service eveyrone the same way.
    On 30.11.2010, at 02:16, xxxx. wrote:

    Dear Sirs,
    In recent days a customer of yours has leaked sensitive documents from the United States Department of State. I find this very offensive. I know the need for truth from our governments but not at the cost of endangering people’s lives. It saddens me that such great companies as yours would ally them selves with someone like Julian Assange. Mr. Assange organization has also leaked sensitive Classified documents from the War front in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is in my humble opinion that your organization has been an accomplice in his endevors.
    I hope in the future that your organization will find it beneficial to no longer help Julian Assange with his crimes against the freedom loving people of this world.
    If you doubt your involvement check out his support page.

    So, if say an organization is dealing in human slavery or trafficing then that is ok with you. Hmmm, maybe you should check into what your customers are doing.

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