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So there is something I have wanted to post for a while now but it really doesn’t fit into the news format that we normally have on the site. Then I got to thinking and its really about the power of social media and making a network amongst the millions and sometimes billions of internet users out there to tailor your craft. As many of you readers know we have been involved in my projects recently and most importantly in the starting of

We are starting to gain traction to the site an we are not even in full operation yet. One person I would like to give tribute to as probably one of the hardest working social media people out there is Wolfie. Not only has he become a great friend of mine, but also a contributor to what we are trying to create. If you get a change go and take a peek at the new site from the link above this and see some of the things that he has created.

Wolfie not only creates customer content for the ViralDen website but he is also one of the fastest growing people on YouTube right now. Please be sure to check him out. On a bonus note he even animates me telling your stories from so you may get a chance to see him animate something you found off the wall.

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