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I am sure you found this post because you are looking for the amazingness of what has become iOS5. Fortunately for me I have be given the blessing to use the it before the public release. I am sure you will see here I am writing this based on the last version of the developer copies.

So let me start with this, on the surface the new iOS looks almost exactly the same. The smoothness of transitions between screen is still as flawless as its always been (though I miss the cool moving icons I had on my old iOS which was jailbroke). There are a few new buttons and features that you will notice as you start to use your device but over all the new iOS 5 doesn’t really feel “New”. At first glance it in fact feels exactly the same. The real amazingness of changes is really in the background (not the wallpaper)!

The iCloud:
We will begin with the iCloud because that is what a lot of people have been asking me about. The cloud gives you the ability to have your content saved to a magic place far far away (rumor has it Apple actually rented the servers from Microsoft). When you take a picture or update your calendar this information is then available on all your Apple devices without any thought because it does this automatically. I think the biggest benefit that most will find to the iCloud is the ability to update iTunes, save pictures and backup your data without having to use a cable ever again (though you do need to be on WiFi).

One thing that I don’t understand and maybe someone can answer it for me is even though I chose not to have my pictures go to the cloud I am still out of space. 5GB of free space doesn’t seem like very much space to me. We are starting to see things like the 8GB iPhone (recently announced) coming out soon and yet I still am finding a bigger benefit of purchasing bigger iPhones and using less with the cloud. In all honestly anyone who uses anything Mac can already wirelessly sync their pictures with their MacBook over bluetooth.

If you are an iPad and iPhone user like I am the cloud had this amazing effect where it keeps the two devices in sync with each other. No more needed to hook the devices up on their own to iTunes to keep the content the same.

All in all I think the iCloud has a ton of potential. There are a lot of things users will like and you don’t have to even think about it after initial setup because it will work for you.

This is a voice recognition program that allows you to control your word by talking sweet nothings to your phone. I have not tired this and you wont see any screen shots here. The reason being is that Siri is only available on the iPhone 4s which isn’t out yet and you will probably be as sad as I am to find that Siri isn’t an option with the iPhone 4. Sounds like this will be 4s only. I will get ahold of one and update this post when I get a chance.

Text Tones:
In the last update Apple brought you the ability to use different tones for text messages. The problem that most found with this is that you were still limited to Apple’s pre-selected tones and yet the iTunes store is selling tones just for text messages. The only way you were able to use these in the past was through a jailbrake. Now you can choose any tones in your ringtone library (I can see some jerk sitting next to me somewhere choosing a 3 minute long song and letting it play through now).

New iMessage:
Which apparently wont allow me to type it without automatically formatting it to another word on my MacBook. is supposed to be the competition for RIM’s Blackberry messenger. At fist glance iMessage really doesn’t seem like its anything special. Really it looks, feel and operates like a standard text message. Then we go back to my original statement where you realize everything in the new iOS 5 happens in the background. The new iMessage looks exactly like the old messenger unless…. wait for it…. you are messaging someone on an iOS device. When you receive a message it turns blue instead of the traditional green most users are used to seeing.

I know the first time you use this you going to be wondering where the magic is but its there. If you are an iPad user or a user that wants to send a text messages to one of your friends who uses an iPad then iMessage works flawlessly. You don’t even notice you are sending messages to anything other then a phone. I know they talk about being able to send messages to a MacBook or iMac too but I haven’t had the chance to try this yet.

Even though I was at first extremely disappointed with iMessage I have come to find that this little treat apple has added will fin benefits for most of its users.

Notification Widget:
Let me start with this, if you are or were an Android user the this wont be anything new to you. If you have always been an iPhone user then you are going to be more then thrilled Apple has apparently clones this into their own operating system. Though I am questioning how long it will take Apple to get sued for including this into their build I am more then happy that they are taking the risk.

The drop down comes from tapping the top of the screen and like majic it reviels everything that your missing in the world. Notifications for all your apps including text, email, weather and why not stock updates from Wall Street (because nothing says cool like watching the US loose confidence in the economy).

As a former Android user I can sell you all ith confidence this will become your new best friend.

Software Updates:
One thing that used to be a common phrase in the cellphone commercials about 4 years ago was “cut the cord”. A lot of other manufacturers have changed to OTA software updates over the years since then and even though I think the phrase was coined for getting rid of home phones it fits like a new pair of socks here.

Apple iOS5 has added the ability to update your software Over The Air. My guess is this will require you to be on WiFi because Apple hasn’t had a small update since the first iPod Classic but still no need to hook it up to your computer.

The benefit fits in with what we said about the iCloud earlier. No need to hook up to your computer and with your information updated to the iCloud no need to create another backup. The benefit to Apple far out ways that of consumers with making it harder for people to jailbreak the device because with each update it normally takes a few months to get a new jailbreak.

I will make this sort sweet and to the point. Mainly because I have been typing for a while and finding myself less and less entertaining as I go. There have been some enhancements to the Usage screen under settings which gives you information on not only your device internal usage but now they have added iCloud to here as well. If your phone looks like my picture you are probably looking under your couch cushions for spare change to upgrade your capacity.

Not a ton information I can give you about the Newsstand. I have a shinny new icon on my desktop which looks like it should have racks filled with magazines but all the racks are still empty. My g


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